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Maximizing Your Rental Equipment ROI

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The equipment rental industry has gone through many changes from the time that Sam Greenberg rented his truck for $5 a day back in the 1930s to today, when there are over 68,000 rental employees in the US alone in 2012. The industry has matured greatly in the past 85 years into one of the largest and most profitable in the world.

Having the right rental software to support that unique business is a key to profitability. Profitable equipment companies use a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to fully manage their business from the point of sale, to asset management, all the way to accounting and getting paid. They rely on robust reporting packages and dashboards to view their business in a very granular way to make sure that inventory is tracked, taxes paid and profitability is maximized.

Here are ten ways your ERP software can save you money and make your business more efficient and streamlined:

  1. Maximize your return on investment (ROI) by controlling costs
  2. Provide visibility of all the key metrics that manage your business
  3. Control damage costs by documenting your equipment condition
  4. Improve your asset management by tracking utilization
  5. Keep your data organized and accessible for everyone
  6. Get paid on time with account receivable aging reporting and tracking
  7. Standardize your process across all your branches
  8. Improve operational efficiency with intuitive software to guide field personnel through their jobs
  9. Faster month-end close
  10. More efficient processes and software backup improve customer and employee satisfaction

If you are not seeing those efficiencies in your business come see us at the ARA Rental Show in Atlanta this month or drop us a line.

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