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What If You Could Communicate Equipment Damages Faster?

What if you could speed up

Imagine your driver went out to pick up a boom lift and found it damaged and stuck in the mud. He could take photos on his mobile device and instantaneously send them to your maintenance team. No waiting until he got back in the shop, no vague descriptions over the phone, no waiting for text photo uploads. Actual photos that document the damage and the work that needs to be done in real-time.

What if your driver could relay details of the damage immediately back to the office?

The maintenance team could then start assessing the damage and getting the parts to fix it. They would not have to wait the 24-48 hours it takes to dig out the equipment before assessing and prepping for the job. This would, in turn, reduce downtime and get the equipment ready to rent faster. It might also reduce inventory on hand since you are adding time to prep for the work before you actually get the equipment in the shop. This “just in time” inventory management could reduce your costs.

The operations team could also get the heads up that the boom lift that was supposed to be in today will not be ready for the next customer lined up in two days. They will give them additional time to find another boom lift and get it ready for your customer. Providing seamless customer service instead of possibly a lost renewal.

Fast, accurate communications are possible with the right mobile app and processes. Wynne’s MobileLink app provides lightning-fast transmission of photos to speed up your processes and improve efficiencies for your business. Click here to learn more about MobileLink and its features.

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