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How to Use Mobile Solutions to Increase Your Sales

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Most people that rent equipment, are by nature, out in the field. They are working at a construction site and need equipment immediately. They want to be able to manage their business without going back to the office. Luckily, the consumer electronics industry has their back. The growth of smartphones has been explosive over the last 10 years and e-commerce over those devices is growing exponentially as well.

As it becomes easier and easier to rent or buy via a smartphone, analysts expect that in 2020 almost half of all e-commerce sales in the US will be via a mobile device. Is your business ready to capitalize on that trend?

Customers are already using their phones to order food, cars, and services at a steady rate. A natural extension of that is for them to order equipment for their business as easily as they request an Uber pickup. Renters want an easy way to rent equipment, manage their orders, track their shipments and make returns.  All of the processes that used to require picking up the phone can now be handled seamlessly with a few clicks on their smartphone.

If you are not planning for how your business will use mobile to connect with your customers, you are missing opportunities today and will be behind your competitors tomorrow. Rental businesses that provide easy smartphone access will likely see more rentals and surely will be the winners in the long run.

This is one trend you can’t afford to miss.

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Graph showing U.S. mobile retail trends from statista.

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