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How to Manage Your Construction Tools and Equipment

wynne Job Site Portal 1

If you’re looking to provide the best experience and the most accurate order fulfillment, then delivering self-service to your job sites can be an easy win.

The Job Site Portal from Wynne Systems provides a self-service portal for all your job site users so that they can quickly tell you what they need and keep an eye on progress without having to place multiple calls or chase by email.

The Portal provides a shopping-style experience for your construction teams, allowing them to browse the catalog, search for what they need, review documentation including safe working guides and specification details so that they can identify the right tool for the job.

It’s not just about the requisition, it’s about all the processes that deploying equipment requires. So as well as tracking inbound deliveries, your job sites can also review what they have on site, request equipment pickups, update key information such as job and task codes, generate field requests for repairs or swap outs.

If you re-rent equipment in from external vendors, you also have the option to automate the process of requesting quotes from your preferred vendors integrating your equipment procurement process into a vendor portal to ensure you get the best rate from your vendors as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Coming in January, 2017, we’re also adding the ability for you to plug in your own dashboards and reports so that each job site can see a picture of their overall spend / costs, what they have on site, utilization and other key information as well as downloading key information to Excel for further analysis.

Wynne’s Construction Result solution is delivering everyday benefits to construction companies across the USA and the UK, removing the inaccuracies caused by double entry, reducing lag time between demand and delivery and providing better information across the job site to help reduce idle equipment and keep costs low.

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