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How to Manage Maximum Rates to Improve Job Management

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If you are working within a construction equipment facility supplying tools and equipment to your job sites, it’s more than likely you’re being asked to control costs on the job sites.

We are increasingly getting inquiries from equipment managers struggling to control maximum rate charges based on equipment value or duration.  It’s no surprise this change is happening, with cost control at the forefront of every cost accountant putting restraints on how much they can be charged for a drill or even an excavator over the course of a project makes sense.

The problem is that there are few systems set up to deliver this type of cost control. Traditional rental solutions are designed to maximize revenue for the rental company and tend to concentrate on minimum charges rather than maximum charges.  The alternative is managing it offline in spreadsheets or manually editing contract rates which tend to be time-consuming and subject to error.

Wynne’s ConstructionResult solution is different. We’ve specifically built in maximum rate logic to ensure that you can control how much a job site is charged for a specific product on a specific rental. The options are flexible enough to allow you to vary the rules to suit a specific project and / or job site / customer reducing the rate to 0, or a specific percentage when a total spend is reached.

When the maximum rate is achieved the system simply suspends charging while keeping track of where the asset is and ensuring you still have the ability to manage damage and losses when it’s finally returned (or not!). Effectively we move from a cost/revenue situation to simply managing the physical wellbeing of the asset seamlessly without you having to remember to do anything or change anything on the contract.

Managing equipment within a construction business has its own very specific challenges, rather than trying to adapt your existing solution to the demands of your projects and job sites, why not see why some of North America’s largest construction companies are moving to Wynne’s Construction Result solution to deliver more efficient equipment management to their job sites?  Contact us to see for yourself.

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