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How to Integrate Your Equipment Software with Your Corporate ERP

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While we think Wynne’s software should be the center of the universe, we know that sometimes construction companies use other software in their business. Construction companies often need to link to a corporate ERP, telematics providers or a CRM to manage sales. Wynne’s software was designed with integration capabilities in mind.

While we can provide you with a full end-to-end system from financials to rentals, some of our construction customers want to integrate from their operational system to their corporate financials. In some cases, this may simply be general ledger transactions, but in most cases, it includes the creation of invoices and billing data and then interfacing directly into the corporate credit management system.  From an AP perspective, purchasing can be integrated at the payment level, where we send matched invoices ready for payment through to the corporate AP or we can manage a more complex interface at PO level.

Advantages of Rental Specific Software against Traditional ERP

Over the years it has become obvious that the intricacies of rental asset management are sometimes difficult to reflect in standard ERP systems which tend to be designed from manufacturing or retail point of view. So rental businesses end up with spreadsheets, sub-databases, and other workarounds to simply make the system work. Wynne’s software is designed from the ground up to manage rental assets effectively both from a physical and a financial point of view. Many of our construction customers choose to transfer the asset management of their rental fleet into Wynne software and simply send their financial transactions through to the ERP.

SOA Platform

Wynne is built on an SOA platform offering real-time interfaces to systems such as SAP and Oracle, and a web services / REST technology base which allows us to integrate to most modern systems. We have proven experience dealing with both integration to existing SAP and Oracle implementations as well as working alongside SAP and Oracle in green-field systems roll-outs.

Real-time integration removes any need for double-keying between systems, eradicating sources of error. Integration also means that you can achieve the level of detailed reporting and analysis that you need to run your rental business whilst at the same time supporting the reporting demands of the corporate ERP system.

Read more about the technology.

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