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How to Allocate Labor to Your Rental or Construction Project

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Managing and allocating labor with equipment rental contracts and construction jobs can be tricky.  There are times when you can’t just rent out equipment and expect the user to operate the equipment themselves. You might need a certified operator, inspector, technician or trainer to accompany the equipment.

Take for example renting out a crane to a job site for a month.  The equipment needs a qualified operator to manage it, but what is the best way to sync up those resources? You need to send the right operator, with the right qualifications, at the right time, and bill back for their services.  Often this is all done on spreadsheets and then added manually to your equipment rental contract. But what if there was a different way?

What if you provide a whole bunch of services alongside your equipment, maybe you need to manage installation and takedown services for job site cabins or to build a pump line. Maybe you provide project management or technical services during the life of your rental contract?  All this labor can disappear into your payroll systems and prevent you from understanding the true costs of your rental. Is there an alternative?

Wynne offers an enhancement to their RentalResult product line called Labor Allocation. This solution lets you easily allocate and schedule people into your projects. It is simple to drop and drag resources with the right qualifications into any project or rental.  You can schedule individuals by name and qualifications to any open job. Costs follow the resources so you can either bill your rental client or allocate costs for internal construction projects.

The Labor Allocation system is feature rich with advanced logic built in to make sure you allocate the right people where needed based on equipment or job requirements.  If there are qualifications needed for different equipment or job sites you can add that to the resource needs and match the right person to the task.  If you just need people to set up and tear down equipment you can easily assign the resources based on the contract start and end date.

If you are interested in seeing more how this system works and hear from a customer who is using it today, please listen to this replay of last week’s webinar.  If you want to learn more, contact us here.

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