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How do you handle more construction jobs with less skilled personnel?

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The questions is, is technology out of the reach of smaller construction firms?  Is it really expensive?  With more and more technology available by annual or monthly subscription whether it’s renting a GPS tracker for an expensive piece of equipment or a drone to keep an eye on your construction site, the initial outlay if fairly low. If you are looking for software to increase productivity or deliver efficiencies in the business the chances are that it can be paid for by a subscription, delivered in a hosted cloud environment so that there is no initial outlay.

At Wynne, we provide a unique solution to help you make your construction equipment and tool management, deployment and external rental as simple as possible. A complete solution that eliminates the need for unnecessary phone calls, emails and chasing between job site and equipment facility or procurement team. The job costing process is streamlined to produce more accurate costs earlier and provide your project team with more information to allow them to off-rent or remove unnecessary equipment from the job site.

It doesn’t matter if you charge your job sites for the use of your equipment on an hourly/daily/weekly/monthly basis, or simply push an overhead charge as a percentage of the job value. Knowing the real utilization of equipment on the job site, tracking that equipment on and off the site in real-time and being able to manage losses and damage effectively all help bring down equipment overheads and reduce unnecessary expenditure at the job site and the actual costs back to actual jobs.

This is not a software solution that requires a huge upfront outlay, you can pay monthly or annually, the software is deployed in the cloud meaning you don’t have to manage any IT outlays and you’ll start to reap benefits immediately you’re live. Our unique job site portal pushes equipment management and requisitioning out into the field simplifying the process at all stages. Our integration platform means if you want to integrate data to your existing financial systems, link to GPS or Telematics solutions you can do that easily without long winded projects.

If you have a challenge in your construction equipment management process you’d like to discuss, contact us here and we can set up a 30-minute WebEx to see if our software can help meet your challenge.

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