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Empower your customers with product configurators

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Recall the last thing you spent a significant amount of money on. Was it plane tickets? A new car? A new house?

Whatever your last big spend was, you probably spent some time researching your purchase before pulling the trigger. Maybe you read some reviews, watched some videos, or consulted an expert for advice. Like most consumers, you probably feel more confident in your buying decisions once you’ve done your due diligence.

That psychological behavior is especially relevant to technically complex purchasing decisions. When a layperson is barraged with inscrutable specifications and jargon, they often get intimidated. And while internet research can provide some clarity, consumer-friendly information can often be hard to come by.

Specialty rental businesses frequently encounter this phenomenon. In many cases, their customers know they need “a crane” or “scaffolding” or “a PA system,” but lack specifics. Instead of requesting exact brands or models, they rely on the expertise of the specialty rental provider to recommend the ideal equipment for their job.

With custom product configurators, specialty rental businesses can provide their customers with an easy, self-service means of identifying the right assets for them. Customers simply answer a handful of questions and they receive a list of recommended solutions tailored to their responses. Specialty rental providers can even have their configurator suggest value add-ons at the point of sale.

Best of all, because product configurators are automated, sales personnel can focus on other tasks knowing that their customers are receiving the guidance they need to make sound purchasing decisions. Many consumers prefer clicking on a website to picking up a phone these days, so product configurators provide a win-win in that regard.

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