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Do People Really Want to Rent Equipment Online?

Wynne Renterlink

Online sales are on the rise with more and more customers turning to their computers or mobile phones to buy products and services. Walmart, one of the largest retailers in the world, reported a 60% increase in online sales following an overhaul of their online marketplace.

You might be thinking, so what — your rental business is nothing like Walmart. Perhaps not, but imagine being in charge of sales at Walmart and dismissing online retail. I can see the meeting now, the CIO jokes that companies like Amazon who just sell online will never succeed. People always want to go into stores to touch before they buy! I wouldn’t want to make that bet going forward. The good news is you don’t have to either.

Setting up an online store that you can access via your website or any mobile device is fast and easy. The best online store should be responsive, meaning it can be viewed on a large desktop screen just well as on a small smartphone screen and anything in between. One way to accomplish that is to create an HTML5 digital storefront, rather than just a mobile apps that you download from Apple or Google. Once the storefront is built anyone can use it to rent equipment from any internet connected device.

Come again? Imagine a storefront that lets your customers browse equipment and request a rental quote. Add to that a way for them to view the delivery status in real time and the ability to sign remotely for delivery. The digital store would also allow then to request equipment pick up, view their past orders and easily rent equipment again. All over their mobile device when they are out on the job site.

Construction workers need to be able to rent equipment when they need it where ever they are. That means over their mobile phone if they are at a job site, through a link on your web page if they are in the office, or via a link in an email exchange. Online rentals are the future of commerce, don’t get caught behind the curve, set up a digital storefront today.

To learn more about how Wynne can help you set up an online rental store today, join us for a webinar where we demo our newest product, RenterLink. Our customers can set up a storefront in days.

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