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4 Reasons to Attend a Conference This Year

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I know what you’re thinking, do I really need to go on one more business trip in 2017? Can’t I just attend a webinar or read an email about it?

Well, you could–but I wouldn’t recommend it. Below are four excellent reasons to attend a conference in person this year.

1. Meet new people

Do you remember how excited and nervous you were on your first day of high school? That was when you got partnered with a new person in your science lab and was only too happy to see one familiar face when you entered the lunchroom. Chances are you both hit it off and might still be friends today.

Shared interests bind us quickly. Whether it’s sharing a science lab or using similar software to address your business challenges, it’s critical to meet and connect with those who share your passions. By attending an event filled with like-minded people, you’ll connect with many who share your professional passion.

These connections provide the opportunity to exchange ideas, commiserate, and even swap stories of life and lessons learned in the rental or construction business. Such connections are pretty much impossible to make over a webinar. Don’t cheat yourself out of these valuable connections, the benefits make the headache of travel more than worth it.

2. Have direct access to knowledgeable professionals

Conferences are an outstanding opportunity to access the key staff that is developing the software and products you use daily. This access is the perfect chance to ask your pressing questions and share ideas for future generations of products.

Presenters stick around after a session to answer questions one-on-one. This creates valuable interactions and the opportunity to hear the thoughts of a seasoned veteran in the field. At many events, you may even have the chance to join staff and presenters during meals, providing a valuable chance to both learn in an informal setting and interact socially.

3. Learn new things

Conferences are a great way to keep up with what is going on in the industry. You can learn what best practices and creative solutions that your peers are using to address common challenges. If you are using common tools you can also expect a conference to teach you some new skills and lessons you can use immediately when you get back to your office. Attending in person means that you can continue discussing and learning even after the class is done–over dinner or drinks with your peers.

4. Have fun

Of course, you’re there to learn, but conferences can also be a lot of fun. Most events offer evening activities which are a great way to network, relax and get to know your fellow industry professionals. And, it’s an added bonus if your conference is in a city you’ve never explored before. If you have some free time, you may get the chance to visit that restaurant or attraction you have always wanted to check out.

Are you ready to attend a conference this year? At Wynne, we are planning a User Conference from October 2 – 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be a great learning and network opportunity. It will also be a truly unique experience since we are inviting both our rental and construction customers to one conference. This should give both disciplines some really interesting and different perspectives and insights.

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