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2023 Solutions Summit Recap: Building the Future of Construction Tech

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The 2023 Solutions Summit served as a hub for innovation and collaboration, bringing together RentalResult customers for two days of insightful sessions and professional development. This event provided a diverse group with the opportunity to dive into the latest construction technology, exchange valuable experiences, and collectively shape the future of the industry. 

In case you missed it or want to revisit the key moments of the 2023 Solutions Summit, we’re here to highlight the most impactful aspects. From groundbreaking sessions to thought-provoking discussions and expert insights, this recap will guide you through the major highlights that are shaping the future of construction technology.

Exclusive First Look at Logistics Solution

The upcoming launch of the Logistics Solution, slated for Q1 in 2024, stood out as a major highlight at the 2023 Solutions Summit. This new module is a game-changer, designed to significantly transform equipment pickup and delivery processes. It offers real-time visibility and strategic dispatching capabilities, addressing a crucial aspect of equipment rental and management. Logistics Solution minimizes equipment idle time, directly boosting your operational efficiency and profitability.  

Keith Nguyen, Software Development Manager for DSI, underscored the importance of this solution with a compelling insight: “If you’re not smart about dispatching, you’re leaving money on the table. Think about it — if you get your equipment back to the yard quicker, you can rent it out again, faster. It’s all about keeping your equipment moving.” It’s not just about the movement of equipment, but about maximizing its usage and profitability. 

Logistics Solution is set to be a transformative tool in the arsenal of equipment management, bringing efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction to new heights. 

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Scaling Success: McGough Construction’s Tech-Driven Growth Journey

In a session led by Brandon Van Zeeland, VP of Operations at McGough Construction, and James Wilcock, CSM for RentalResult and EquipFlows, the rapid changes and advancements in technology in our modern world were brought into focus. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, and expanded into eight states, McGough Construction is known for top-tier building projects and exceptional customer partnerships. Their commitment to quality, collaborative innovation, and efficient methodologies drives their success across a competitive market. Together, Brandon and James discussed how automation and technological progress, both pre and post-pandemic, are reshaping businesses.

Brandon Van Zeeland discussed how McGough Construction has successfully integrated the Job Site Portal into their operations, emphasizing the importance of effective tech integration in equipment management. By strategically eliminating manual processes, McGough has fueled its growth and managed to scale its operations efficiently. Their ability to adapt to and adopt new technologies has been key to their expansion and ability to stay ahead in a fast-evolving industry.

Van Zeeland’s remark, “If you can’t scale software, you’re not creating a scalable process,” emphasizes the necessity of adaptable and scalable technological solutions in today’s fast-paced business environment. This session highlighted how companies like McGough Construction are effectively utilizing technology to navigate change and drive growth, showcasing their adaptability and success in the ever-evolving construction landscape.

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The partnership between Wynne Systems and McGough Construction enhanced McGough’s utilization of additional modules including Job Site Portal and Vertex. Van Zeeland  highlighted the impact of this collaboration, saying, “Working with Wynne’s experts has enabled us to tailor these tools precisely to our operational needs.” This approach transformed the Job Site Portal into a vital part of their equipment management strategy and streamlined tax management processes with Vertex. As a tax-exempt reseller, McGough leverages Vertex for accurate sales tax calculations, a task simplified by this integration. Van Zeeland also stressed the importance of team involvement in adopting these technologies, ensuring the software aligns with McGough’s workflow and culture.

Empowering Growth with Complimentary Professional Services

At the Solutions Summit, sessions were capped off with a valuable offering from the Wynne team – complimentary professional services. These sessions were more than just informative; they were instrumental in bridging the gap between the capabilities of RentalResult and the specific business goals of the attendees for the upcoming year. The focus was not just on broad strategies but on tailored solutions that catered to the unique needs of each company. The professional services ranged from technical aspects like CMiC API integrations and data migration consulting to hands-on training in various software functionalities, including barcode scanning and the planning of future on-site training sessions.

Companies were able to walk away from the summit with actionable plans and clear strategies to implement what they had learned into their operations and goals for 2024. The tailored advice and hands-on guidance provided by the Wynne team meant that businesses could see a direct correlation between the Summit’s learning experiences and their practical application. This transition from insights to action is what made the professional services at the Solutions Summit so effective. Attendees were not only inspired by the new technologies and strategies discussed but were also equipped with the tools and knowledge to integrate these innovations into their daily operations. As a result, the Summit served as a catalyst for tangible improvements and growth in the participating companies’ operations for the coming year.

See you in 2025! 

The 2023 Solutions Summit set a new standard for user conferences, emphasizing the importance of community and innovation in the construction tech industry. As we anticipate the next User Summit in the spring of 2025, attendees can expect even more groundbreaking sessions, networking opportunities, and expert insights to successfully navigate the dynamic world of construction technology. 

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