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Tool and Equipment Tracking Software for PMOs

Gain full visibility of your expenses and profitability across all of your projects.

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Complete visibility of performance across all your projects

Project tracking

Effectively track equipment, tool and material costs against all your projects and task codes from one simple solution.

Stay in control

Quickly identify and address anomalies or potential causes for cost overruns. Proactive management of your projects gives you the control to stay within equipment margins.

Real-time data

Synchronize project and task code information between your corporate ERP and RentalResult. The real-time, bi-directional sync ensures visibility across the entire organization.

The streamlined, paperless workflow for leading construction companies

wynne construction process flow 01

Job site requisitions equipment, tools and materials from a mobile device.

wynne construction process flow 02

Equipment facilities source and schedule equipment.

wynne construction process flow 03

Equipment is picked, staged and sent for delivery.

wynne construction process flow 04

Equipment is re-allocated or called off when no longer needed.

wynne construction process flow 05

Equipment is picked up and the job site invoiced for use, service and inspections.

wynne pmo reporter 1

Measure and manage

Quickly view which projects or tasks are over-consuming your budget and take immediate action. Filter your data however you’d like and schedule reports to be delivered only when certain exceptions occur so you can prevent further overruns.

Visibility across every project and task

Build custom reports and dashboards that can blend and visualize data from multiple sources for a quick snapshot of performance and KPIs across one or all of your projects.

wynne job site portal pmo
wynne job site portal budget

Project-level detail

Job site managers have direct insight to their job’s performance. With an online portal, they can easily ascertain where they stand within the budget, what’s been requisitioned, on site or scheduled for pick up. This prevents equipment from sitting idle while accumulating costs and preventing the need for re-rents for other jobs or projects.

Scale Your Business Faster with Better Equipment Management

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