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Transforming Operations and Driving Growth with Tool Management Software 

Rosendin Electric Customer Success Story

A Legacy of Excellence in Electrical Contracting

Rosendin Electric, a distinguished leader in the electrical contracting industry, has been at the forefront of delivering innovative and reliable solutions for over a century. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1919, the company has established itself as a trailblazer, consistently setting new standards of excellence and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the field 

In a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry such as electrical contracting, the ability to efficiently manage tools and equipment across multiple locations is crucial for success. Rosendin Electric, a pioneering force in the electrical contracting field, recognized the imperative of a comprehensive tool and equipment management solution to streamline its operations, control costs, and elevate overall efficiency. With operations spread across 14 diverse locations, Rosendin Electric embarked on a transformative journey to centralize and optimize its tool tracking efforts. 

As Rosendin Electric continued to grow our business, we realized we were in need of a corporate wide tool and equipment management solution. We needed a system that would enable us to best manage the large inventory of tools and equipment we handle everyday from any enterprise level in order to better control costs and leverage purchasing.

Sam LamincaVice President, CIO at Rosendin Electric

The Challenge: Navigating Complexity in Tool and Equipment Management

Before implementing Wynne Systems’ RentalResult program, Rosendin Electric faced a significant challenge: the lack of a unified tool and equipment management system across its enterprise. The company was relying on a variety of tools and processes at each location, leading to inefficiencies, inconsistent practices, and increased operational costs. 

The Solution: Collaborative Vision and the Wynne Systems Advantage

To address these challenges, Rosendin Electric assembled a team of experts from various regions within the company. Sam Laminca, Vice President and CIO, led the effort to find a suitable corporate-wide tool tracking solution. After careful evaluation and deliberation, the company decided to adopt the RentalResult program from Wynne Systems. 

Unveiling the Unified Workflow 

The seamless implementation of Wynne Systems’ solution marked a turning point for Rosendin Electric, streamlining operations and yielding unprecedented results: 

Efficient Ordering via Web Portal: Equipping job site teams with a user-friendly web portal, the company enabled streamlined tool and equipment ordering, tailored precisely to project needs. 

Warehouse Precision with RFID Technology: Within the warehouse, the tool manager harnessed the prowess of the RentalResult program’s mobile app and RFID scanners, ensuring precise allocation of equipment from the extensive inventory. 

Swift Delivery, Precise Placement: A meticulously coordinated process ensured the swift loading of equipment onto delivery trucks, efficient transportation, and prompt delivery to designated job sites. 

On-site Seamlessness with Mobile Apps: On-site teams seamlessly signed off equipment using mobile apps, enhancing accuracy, and minimizing operational interruptions. 

A New Era of Efficiency and Strategic Management

The implementation of Wynne Systems’ tool management solution yielded significant positive outcomes for Rosendin Electric: 

Centralized Control: By adopting a unified system, Rosendin Electric gained centralized control over its tool and equipment management across all regions. This consistency minimized errors and enhanced decision-making. 

Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined process, from order placement to on-site delivery and usage, significantly improved operational efficiency. This allowed the company to allocate resources more effectively, reducing downtime and project delays. 

Cost Savings: With better control over tools and equipment, Rosendin Electric could optimize its inventory management, leading to reduced operational costs and smarter purchasing decisions. 

Real-time Tracking: The integration of mobile apps and RFID scanners enabled real-time tracking of tools and equipment. This accurate tracking increased accountability and minimized the risk of loss or misplacement. 

Empowered Workforce: The user-friendly tools provided by Wynne Systems empowered Rosendin Electric’s teams to easily manage and track tools, enhancing their productivity and focus on core tasks. 

Innovative Workforce: The user-friendly tools provided by Wynne Systems empowered Rosendin Electric’s teams, enhancing productivity and enabling a heightened focus on core responsibilities. 

Adopting Wynne’s tool management solution streamline Rosendin's process and made us more efficient.

Matt LambIT Program Manager at Rosendin Electric

Conclusion: A Beacon of Transformation and Growth

Rosendin Electric’s journey stands as a clear testament to the profound impact of innovative technology. Guided by visionary leadership and a collaborative approach, the integration of Wynne Systems’ RentalResult program led to a significant transformation. This shift centralized operational excellence, bolstered procedural efficiency, and achieved strategic cost management. Rosendin Electric has emerged as an industry leader in electrical contracting, poised for continued growth and success in a dynamic landscape. 

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