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How Equipment Management Software Digitized Operations for BAM Site Solutions 

Businesses across industries are embracing technology to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. BAM Site Solutions is a leading construction company in the United Kingdom with a reputation for excellence and reliability.  

BAM Site Solutions embarked on a digital transformation journey, adopting RentalResult, a cutting-edge construction equipment management software. With RentalResult, BAM streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and exceeded customer expectations.


Recognizing the need to keep pace with technological advancements, BAM Site Solutions turned to RentalResult to modernize their operations. This decision proved to be a turning point, allowing them to eliminate the inefficiencies of manual processes and embrace the benefits of digitization in every aspect of their business. 


RentalResult empowered BAM Site Solutions with a live and up-to-date inventory of their plant and equipment. This comprehensive list enabled them to easily identify asset allocation and quickly fulfill equipment orders through the user-friendly online catalog. Jason Reid, Director of BAM Site Solutions shared, “One aspect of the Site Solutions Hub that I love is the live and up-to-date plant [warehouse] and equipment list. I can easily order any equipment we need on-site, whether I’m in the office or walking around the site.” – Jason Reid, Director of BAM Site Solutions.” The ability to access real-time data and make informed decisions significantly improved equipment asset management and operational efficiency. 

For the last 20 years, we've used the RentalResult product, and this has been absolutely fantastic and key to our success in moving from a very paper-based approach to a more digitized operation.

Jason ReidDirector of BAM Site Solutions


The adoption of RentalResult as their main ERP system further enhanced BAM Site Solutions’ digital approach. The integrated financial modules of RentalResult allowed them to streamline transactions and automate processes, leading to improved accuracy and significant time and cost savings.  Supplier invoices now seamlessly upload and automatically validate, reducing manual errors and freeing up valuable resources. This comprehensive digital ecosystem empowers BAM Site Solutions to focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients. 

Our efficient end-to-end transactional approach to rehire [re-rent] management, coupled with RentalResult's integrated financial modules, has transformed our operations.

Jason ReidDirector of BAM Site Solutions


At the heart of BAM Site Solutions’ digitized operations is their Site Solutions Hub, where they use RentalResult to streamline the workflows of customer inquiries across multiple departments. 

In addition to the integrated portal for hire, RentalResult enabled BAM Site Solutions to leverage API integration and establish an external ecommerce sales platform. This innovation allows their customers to place orders online, which are automatically synchronized with their system for fulfillment. This integration not only improves the customer experience but also streamlines internal processes, ensuring smooth order processing and timely delivery. With RentalResult, BAM Site Solutions gained the ability to centralize and manage customer inquiries efficiently. From the moment a request is received, the team can check stock availability and externally rehire any required equipment, ensuring a seamless and prompt response to customer needs. 

To achieve greater functionality within their operations, BAM Site Solutions embraced RentalResult’s suite of dedicated mobile apps. These apps enable seamless asset inspection, servicing, picking, and logistics barcode scanning, empowering their workforce with the latest technology tools. The utilization of mobile apps has not only increased operational efficiency but has also enabled BAM Site Solutions to provide a superior level of service to their clients. 


The collaboration between BAM Site Solutions and RentalResult has been instrumental in their digital transformation journey. The ongoing support and collaboration between the two teams have resulted in continuous improvements and enhancements to the system, ensuring that BAM Site Solutions stays at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Reid explained that, “In our partnership with RentalResult, we have found excellent collaboration, enabling us to achieve our digital goals.” BAM Site Solutions’ journey from a paper-based approach to a fully digitized operation using an asset management software system demonstrates the power of technology in driving efficiency, improving customer service, and achieving business success. With RentalResult as their trusted partner, BAM Site Solutions continues to innovate and set new benchmarks in the industry. 

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