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RIMCO’s Key to Rental Growth

Imagine what 43% faster rental revenue growth would mean for RIMCO. That’s what our Cat® rental customers are already achieving with the help of RentalMan.

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RentalMan users achieve:

more rental revenue per branch

more growth

more revenue per employee

*Based on data from the 2023 RER and IRN 100

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Cat® rental stores grow faster with RentalMan

Rental Revenue

CAT Rental Revenue Stat

Branch Locations

CAT Branch Location Stats

*Based on data from the Rental Equipment Register (RER) 100

Improve key metrics

Return to Ready Time

Yard and service solutions come together to accelerate your teams ability to get equipment ready for rent again. 

Asset Profitability

Robust data tracking options help you see the profitability and value of equipment across your entire fleet over time.

On-Time Delivery

Transportation management options ensure that your logistics team has the tools they need to ensure on-time delivery.

Call Off to Return

e-Commerce and transportation solutions come together to ensure teams have the information needed to ensure fast pick up times. 

Field Response

Mobile-friendly service and logistics options ensure your team can streamline the field service experience for customers and technicians. 

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Accelerate your strategies for rental growth


Additional branch locations, equipment, staff, and reduced competition make acquisitions an attractive method for accelerating rental growth.

How RentalMan helps

RentalMan is one of the most commonly used rental software platforms in the industry. Tens of thousands of employees at 126 different companies are currently using the system on a daily basis, ranging from the top 3 rental companies in the world to many small and medium rental businesses. This makes it easier to:

  • Onboard companies
  • Train employees
  • Integrate processes
  • Migrate data

Operational Efficiency

Maximizing the effectiveness of your team and fleet is easier said than done but proves to be an effective strategy for growth.

How RentalMan helps

RentalMan maximizes efficiencies and your teams capabilities throughout the entire rental process from quote to customer payment. The platform has been under constant development for 30+ years with input from some of the rental industry’s most successful companies. Here are a few efficiency gains we’ve seen from our customers:

  • 9% decrease in equipment turnaround time
  • 2.3 day decrease in pickup time
  • 40% increase in utilization

Branch & Fleet Expansion

Organic growth of a company through the addition of new branch locations and fleet can be a popular method of expanding the rental reach of Cat® dealerships.

How RentalMan helps

Setting up additional branches and new fleet is easy with RentalMan. The platform itself also helps you squeeze every bit of value out of that new equipment and geographical locations as well. Cat rental shops around the country use the system as they continue to expand their territories and fleet including the case below with Texas First who grew from zero to forty locations with the system.

Texas First logo

Case Study: Zero to Forty Locations with RentalMan

Texas First is one of the most successful Cat® rental stores in the industry. They’ve experienced booming growth since their start in 2015. In this case study, you’ll get an inside look at their story with RentalMan.

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Solutions for every part of your Cat® business

Whether it’s rental, service, dealership, or your headquarters , RentalMan has solutions that help your team be more effective.

Click on the green icons to get an overview on how we help and the main functionality.

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Software built for rental growth

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RentalMan Core

RentalMan Core has been in constant development for 30+ years, helping some of the largest rental companies in the world achieve their goals. Built by rental people, for rental people, this core system has exactly what you need to achieve your goals too. Here are the tools waiting to be used for your rental company’s future growth:

  • Prospecting
  • Rental processing
  • Sales processing
  • Picking
  • Dispatching
  • Transport planning
  • Asset management
  • Inventory management
  • Service/Maintenance
  • Purchasing
  • General ledger
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Cash
  • Project/job costing
  • Depreciation

RentalMan Suite

RentalMan Core is supported by a full suite of additional solutions that align with various
parts of the rental process. Unlike other alternatives, each solution can be added to the core
system based on the specific needs of your business. This helps you create the perfect system
without needing to buy software that you don’t need.


Mobile application for ops and sales personnel in the field, yard, and at the counter.

What could a 40% increase in utilization do for your Cat® rental business? Paper and desktops slow down your field and yard teams. They need mobile technology tools to help them be more effective.

How it helps CAT rental:

– return to ready time
+ equipment availability
+ equipment utilization
+ digital information flow
+ operations connectivity

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Service Solution

Service scheduling and prioritization tool for technicians and managers.

What could a 9% increase in turnaround time do for your CAT rental business? Service efficiency is about more than just working fast. It’s about working on the right piece of equipment at the right time to meet dynamic rental demands.

How it helps CAT rental:

– turnaround time
– missed warranty opportunities
+ equipment availability
+ time utilization
+ technician productivity

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Logistics Solution

Transportation management suite for dispatchers, drivers, and managers.

What would a 2.3 day decrease in equipment pickup time do for your CAT rental business? Logistics is more than truck tracking. You need a solution that keeps up with your equipment rental schedule too. 

How it helps CAT rental:

– pickup time
– transportation costs
+ on-time delivery
+ driver/dispatcher connectivity
+ managerial visibility

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Customer Portal

Customizable online information portal for equipment rental customers.

69% of customers want to be able to help themselves. It shouldn’t be difficult to do business with your rental company. Create a better rental experience with a self-service customer portal.

How it helps CAT rental:

– days sales outstanding (DSO)
– days to pay
– time spent communicating on general customer requests
– equipment pickup time
+ customer relationships

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Mobile-friendly e-commerce solution for equipment rental customers.

69% of customers want to be able to help themselves. Simplify the way your customers order their rental equipment with an online e-commerce platform that’s customized to the uniqueness of your CAT rental business.

How it helps CAT rental:

– errors on orders
– time spent on back and forth communication
– stress on customer relationships

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Smart, automated equipment sourcing solution for coordinators and sales reps.

What would up to a 50% decrease in equipment sourcing time do for your rental business. Turn your rental coordinators into equipment sourcing wizards with a solution that helps fill reservations with intelligence and automation.

How it helps CAT rental:

– time spent searching and sourcing equipment
– costs on equipment transfers
– costs on equipment transportation

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Reporting package for operations personnel and management.

Unlock the power of your data. Without a wholistic view into your company’s data, you’re flying blind. Reporter enhances your visibility, helping you make the right decisions for your CAT rental business. 

How it helps CAT rental:

+ data visibility
+ data blending
+ reporting customization
+ real-time information flow
+ more informed decision making

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