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Control your complex projects with Job Management

Our job management solution enables rental companies to handle the complexities of large-scale, ongoing projects.

Complex calculations made simple

Job management lets you allocate all associated revenue and costs to a specific job or project. You can add in labor, transport, and consumables in addition to your equipment costs to get a complete picture of all the costs associated with a project. This can be used to accurately calculate profitability by project, which will help you manage your projects better and lead to better cost estimates going forward.

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With Job Management, rental companies are able to:

Sharpen job bid accuracy

Understanding and tracking your true costs of projects will improve your bidding success going forward. It will help insure you are not losing bids because you overpriced the project, or winning bids you are going to lose money on.

Improve profit and loss

Costs can be rolled up at any time to show you how you are performing to your budgeted estimates. You can view multiple projects and see how you are performing versus your estimate. This gives you time to make adjustments in real time that can impact your overall profitability.

Keep costs under control

We can provide project and job costing within the rental and ancillary processes allowing you to attribute revenues and costs to your jobs. Whether those costs come from the bulk item itself or from the cost transport or additional services for delivery or pickup, you can capture project information on work orders, purchase orders, re-rents, and at every stage of the equipment fulfillment and mobilization process. This allow you to get a complete picture of your equipment margins for each project.

Comprehensive cost tracking

Associate costs to every item on the contract to get a real time view of the profitability of a project.

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Customized billing

Flexible billing options allow rental companies to structure agreements based on the particulars of a given project.

Budget tracking on quotes

When creating quotes, Job Management allows user to compare generated contracts to the project’s original budget.

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