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Extend the power of RentalMan to your field team

MobileLink, Wynne Systems' award-winning mobile rental app, equips your outside staff with the information and processes they need to work efficiently. Watch the video below to see how MobileLink helped Lou-Tec alleviate damage disputes, increase their utilization and preserve customer relationships.

With MobileLink, users have been able to:

  • Accelerate their operations
    MobileLink eliminates the need for yard staff to fill out and deliver paper forms, freeing them up to spend more of their time staging equipment.
  • Increase their utilization
    Thanks to being able to prepare their equipment for delivery faster, MobileLink users have reported significant boosts in their utilization.
  • Reduce damage disputes
    By making it easy for yard personnel to take photos of equipment at checkout and return, MobileLink provides irrefutable evidence that prevents damage disputes from happening in the first place.
Thanks to MobileLink, your field teams can access all of the information and processes they need from RentalMan conveniently from their mobile device.