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Discovery is a journey of definition and success

Our implementation process includes the discovery phase, which creates a collaborative vision where goals and expectations for success take shape.

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Your company is unique. And we believe your software should be, too.

We approach every implementation with the firm belief that your solution should not only be tailored to fit your business for today, but for tomorrow’s successes. To do that, we perform the critical step of discovery at the beginning of every implementation.

The significance of the discovery process

The results that stem from a discovery define crucial elements to your software implementation and configuration. We use this opportunity to dive deeply into your operations to determine the best system set-up that will match your business’ goals. At the end of every discovery we produce a comprehensive statement of work which provides critical project details, target dates, milestones and system set-up recommendations.

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What you can expect from the Wynne Discovery Process

Achieve business goals faster

We establish what primary business goals you’d like to achieve once your new software has been implemented. This guidance allows us to configure the system to best help you accomplish those goals.

Retain current successes and create areas of improvement

We review your current system and workflows to identify what processes must be retained and perform a gap analysis to determine where our solution can add more functionality.

Improved efficiency and stem the flow of working outside your system

Many users will deviate from standard workflows if it makes work cumbersome, so we perform comprehensive on-site observations to identify these areas to close the gap between best practice to real-world application.

Leveraging software to overcome business challenges

Before joining Wynne many on our team worked in the rental or construction industry. This experience, along with their software savvy, allows them to make meaningful suggestions on ways to approach a myriad of business challenges you may be facing.

Continuity of reporting and analysis

A perfectly built solution is nothing without reports that allow you to make meaningful, data-driven decisions. During discovery, we review all of your current reports and identify additional reporting requirements to meet established company goals.

A comprehensive guideline of your implementation

Upon completion, you will receive a statement of work created based on our findings during discovery. It identifies all critical activities, milestones, roles and responsibilities, estimated effort and pre- and post-go live requirements.

The team that's with you the entire way


Implementation Specialist/Business Analyst

Provides system and industry best practices, leads system design, and provides guidance on system steps to meet business processes

Project Manager

Coordinates activities and resources, communicates project's progress, monitors adherence to time and budget

Program Manager

Manages all resources for the project, ensures adherence to strategy and approach, and leads project risk management

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