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Complete management for construction equipment warehouses

From large capitalized equipment and assets to small tools, gain complete visibility to your entire inventory.

Manage all the demands from your job sites in one unified workspace

Requisitions and fulfillment

Receive alerts on new requisitions and proactively plan based around current and future availability so every request is delivered in full, on time.

Better demand planning

Gain visibility to all equipment and tool activity with a complete view of your inventory, providing insight you need to plan for demand and not leave your sites empty-handed.

Reduce costs

Take advantage of contract rates with preferred vendors and eliminate last-minute trips to less cost-effective suppliers.

Better utilization

Utilize anticipated call-off dates to best manage utilization and prevent equipment from sitting idle at a job site (and re-renting equipment that’s actually available).

Fast, effective communication

Eliminate back-and-forth emails and calls with job sites. The web portal allows users to select the specific equipment, tools and supplies required (with equipment photos and notes) to clearly communicate their needs.

Manage re-rentals

Become the reliable one-stop shop for your job sites. With RentalResult, you can manage your owned and rented equipment in one solution, allocating costs correctly.

How it works

The equipment warehouse is the central hub for all equipment activity. Whether it’s sourcing equipment, tools or supplies, getting them onsite or back into the facility—you’re critical that all of these events occur for multiple job sites without a hitch.

This illustration demonstrates how RentalResult helps you stay on top of everything in one single application!

paperless process flow diagram rentalresult
wynne rentalresult job site portal
wynne requisition details

Simple Requisitioning

Utilizing Job Site Portal, users in the field can create requisitions, including equipment, dates in/out, project and task codes, and include notes. This goes directly to equipment facilities to review and convert to a contract—no back and forth phone calls or emails!

Quickly create contracts

Approved requisitions can easily be converted into a contract in just a few clicks. From there, you can complete the fulfillment process and get your equipment, tools and materials delivered on time.

wynne requisition to contract
wynne warehouse dashboard

Complete visibility

Make the best, well-informed decisions from custom dashboards you can build to give you the best picture of what’s happening inside your equipment facility as well as out in the field.

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