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Investment to Find Productivity Gaps

As the largest independent privately-owned construction equipment rental company in Canada, Stephenson’s Rental Services sought to maximize productivity across its enterprise organization.

About Stephenson's Rental Services

Stephenson’s combines traditional rental lines (light, heavy & aerial equipment) with a significant presence of specialty equipment such as small tools, scaffold and temporary heat. The specialty lines of equipment have been the foundation on which Stephenson’s has been able to build an extremely successful company servicing the whole market from the largest institutional builders together with home builders of all sizes to the small & medium contractor and the do-it-yourselfer.

Since implementing Wynne, we have saved millions of dollars in our capital spend, significantly
improved productivity and seen our service levels increase.

Karim NensiCFO, Stephenson's Rental Services

Opportunity for growth

Several years ago we came to the realization that the system we were using was not the system that was going to support our growth initiatives as the organization began to look at new markets within Canada and new ways to take our product offering to market. We did an extensive search of the available systems and Wynne Systems stood out far and above the rest.

Selecting a solution that met Stephenson's business objectives

If you are looking simply for a system that will produce contracts, invoices and do the backend accounting, there are many systems that can do this and quite frankly other systems are far cheaper than Wynne. What we were looking for however, was a system that can help us to clearly identify, in real time, areas where we could achieve significant productivity improvements that would result in lowering our costs to serve our customers while increasing the level of service and reducing the time it takes to turn equipment around (from an off-rent back to available for rent). Since implementing Wynne we have saved millions of dollars in our capital spend, significantly improved productivity and seen our service levels increase. There is not a single system in the market that comes close to what Wynne can do with respect to data reporting; the system is truly “best in class”. The cost of the system is an investment that has paid for itself many times over.

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Leveraging Wynne solutions to manage their back office operations

There were many reasons however there was couple that stood out and made the difference: Wynne’s commitment to invest and continue to develop their software is extremely important to us. Stephenson’s has been a leader in bringing innovative products, rental programs and solutions to the market and we wanted to partner with a company that had the same commitment.

The other main reason was the extremely powerful and robust reporting tools. These reporting tools allow us to have absolute clarity on equipment availability, the lifecycle of our equipment, employee productivity together with customer activity and revenue, all in real time. This allows the organization to react quickly and with accurate verifiable data to changes both within and outside the organization. This level of reporting also provides us with the opportunity to find pressure points within the organization allowing the company to improve productivity, equipment availability and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Working with Wynne's Professional Services team

We have found the Wynne team to be helpful, responsive and above all a true partner. They seem to truly care about our challenges and are keen to find solutions, even when the solution is not readily apparent. For Stephenson’s this is one of the most important elements as we are continually innovating and developing which requires us to have someone that thinks of us as a partner.

We expected the conversion to be a challenge as all conversions are however the Wynne team was incredible and made sure that the whole process was organized, well planned out and executed to plan. We could not have asked for a better conversion team as the cutover was done without any issue that was not able to be quickly addressed.

Advice to other companies looking to change rental equipment solutions

For Stephenson’s, converting to Wynne Systems has provided us with the foundation to continue to implement our growth plans, to be able to continue to live up to our reputation as innovators and to provide us with opportunities to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. I believe that Wynne Systems can do the same for your organization.

Embarking on a process to change systems can be intimidating however I believe that companies owe it to themselves to put their organization in the best possible position for success.

Karim NensiCFO, Stephenson's Rental Services