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2023 Mid-Year Product Road-Map

Explore New Features by Product

RentalResult Core

Explore the 2023 releases that introduced new innovations, streamlining operations and elevating efficiency.

Logistics Solution

Coming soon! Simplify the complexities of strategic dispatching with a 360° view of your entire operation so that dispatchers can make the most profitable decisions at every turn.


Coming soon! Go is the same powerful core software system, now with expanded access options! This new feature allows users entry through any web browser, on any device.

Job Site Portal

Tailor session timeout settings to your preferences with our new feature, providing enhanced flexibility for optimized user experiences

Mobile Apps

Our latest mobile app updates were designed to empower seamless on-the-go efficiency - learn more!


Coming soon! Transform the way you handle contracts and agreements

Timeline Overview


Q1 - 2023

Free Stock Calculation

Q1 - 2023

Logistics Picking App Enhancements

Q1 - 2023

Job Site Portal Inactivity Timeout

Q2 - 2023

Contract Import Improvements

Q2 - 2023

Site Transfer from Control Center

Q2 - 2023

Interface Manager Auto Clear

Q2 - 2023

Added Signature Data to XML for Dispatches and Pickups

Q2 - 2023

Multi-Recipient Invoicing

Q2 - 2023

Azure Integration Upgrades

RentalResult Core

Enhancement & Feature Updates

01. Contract Import Improvements

Experience streamlined contract imports with the new feature that allows automated line-level date incorporation, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

02. Free Stock Calculation

This feature streamlines the inclusion of assets in a fast-transitioning Work in Progress (WIP) status, like Off Rent Inspection or Preparation, enhancing availability. It enables system setup to factor in specific status holdings for free stock calculation, facilitated by the new Included free Work in Progress (WIP) field in the item details window.

03. Site Transfer from Control Center

Experience quicker and more efficient equipment transfers between projects with the new enhancement, allowing seamless movement of rental items between sites or projects via the Control Center’s right-click (or long tap) menu option. This functionality proves especially beneficial when clearing job sites, optimizing your project operations.

04. Hide Completed Work Orders

Remove the noise from your technician’s mobile app so they only see what they need to see by excluding work orders that they have completed from their perspective. With this new feature, we’ve modified the RentalResult SMv2 (Schedule Maintenance) app to hide Work Orders (WOs) when marked as completed on the Progress Status box on the Overview screen.

05. Multi-Recipient Invoicing

Automatic invoice emails can now be sent to multiple recipients rather than a single address, enabling cc for sales, billing, and other departments to receive copies of all invoices. We modified the Invoice Control Center functionality to allow multiple email addresses and to recognize ‘;’ (a semicolon) as the standard email address separator.

06. Interface Manager Auto Clear

Remove the burden of manual administration for a regular housekeeping task. With this feature, users can now set the number of days for which messages should be retained. Users can create an Interface Control Record for each of the Interfaces that are in use and set the number of days for which the messages should be retained after they have been successfully sent. If no Control Record is created for a specific Interface type, then the messages are never deleted.


Coming Q4

What would a 3-day decrease in equipment pickup time do for your rental business?

  • Simplifies strategic dispatching complexities
  • Real-time visibility is provided across the entire transportation department
  • Centralized operations in an intuitive system keep teams connected
  • Maximizes driver hours through a visual timeline to schedule loads
  • Reduces empty driver hours and maximizes scheduling efficiency
  • Provides superior customer service with real-time order visibility.


Coming Q3

Device Agnostic

Access RentalResult from any device including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Real-Time Data

Make informed decisions with quick insights on equipment health, usage statistics, and performance metrics whether you're at your desk or on the job.

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Browser Agnostic

Remove the burden of frequent software updates. Access the latest version of RentalResult via any browser on any device.

On-The-Go Access

Improve your operations, reduce downtime, and increase overall efficiency with on-the-go access for any RentalResult user.

Job Site Portal

Timeout Customization

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Enhanced User Experience: Inactivity Timeout Update for Job Site Portal

Experience greater flexibility with our latest enhancement – the addition of a configurable inactivity timeout field on the Portal parameters screen for the Job Site Portal. Now, adjust the session timeout duration to cater to end user convenience or enhance security measures based on your unique needs.

Mobile Apps

Empowering On-the-Go Efficiency

Logistics Picking App Enhancements:

A new Search icon in the Logistics Picking app lets users efficiently find documents based on various criteria, while flexible sorting options on the Logistics Picking Header screen optimize document prioritization, significantly saving time and effort, particularly for assignees handling large volumes of documents requiring swift picking.

Added Signature Data to XML for Dispatches and Pickups:

Standard Wynne US Dispatch and Pickup stylesheets now feature modifications to include the signature image, signee details, and the associated date and time of signature. This update enables the seamless emailing of delivery or pickup tickets, providing conclusive evidence through customer/job site signatures to effectively address and resolve disputes or issues.

Replaced ADAL with MSAL:

RentalResult Mobile Job Site Portal and IOS Mobile Apps were upgraded to use MSAL for Azure SSO login functionality. This upgrade brings the application’s Azure integration up to date with the latest library version. We have also upgraded the RentalResult Gateway to include support for MSAL.


Coming Q1, 2024

Seamless Contract Management: Expedite Workflows with E-Signatures

  • Effortless Digital Signing: Our platform empowers users to digitally sign contracts, eliminating the need for manual signatures and paper documents.
  • Accelerated Workflows: E-Signatures streamline document signing processes, boosting efficiency and reducing delays, ensuring projects progress smoothly and remain on schedule.
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