Elevate your RentalMan experience with EnVision

Our user-interface enhancement makes RentalMan more approachable to beginners and infinitely customizable for power users.

Take RentalMan to the next level

Deliver the ultimate rental experience with RentalMan’s EnVision UI enhancement. This stunning and modern user interface delivers more than just RentalMan–it’s the single source for your users to effectively manage their job. With operational efficiencies built in mind, EnVision UI brings together all the necessary applications into one, comprehensive application.


With EnVision, rental companies are able to:

Manage customer interactions

EnVision enables your personnel to provide more personalized customer experiences by making important account details (like equipment on rent or open AR) instantly accessible.

Consolidate multiple applications into one

By embedding other applications like email, intranet, and manufacturer sites into EnVision, users are able to access all of the web-based programs they rely on within a single screen.

Deliver actionable information

Through embedded reports and dashboards, EnVision surfaces vital information in real time so that your personnel can stay on top of their responsibilities.

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Watch this short video on the simplified interface, and how it changes the look of RentalMan.

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