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Wynne Customer Testimonial: Stephenson’s Rental Services


We recently caught up with Karim Nensi, CFO of  Stephenson’s Rental Services. Stephenson’s is Canada’s largest independent privately owned construction equipment rental company with over 60 years of history. The company enjoys a leading market share in southern Ontario, the largest construction market in North America and home to Toronto, North America’s 5th largest city.

When asked why he chose Wynne over other more economical software systems available, Karim answered:

“For us the answer is simple; if you are looking simply for a system that will produce contracts, invoices and do the backend accounting, there are many systems that can do this and quite frankly other systems are far cheaper than Wynne. What we were looking for however, was a system that can help us to clearly identify, in real time, areas where we could achieve significant productivity improvements that would result in lowering our costs to serve our customers while increasing the level of service and reducing the time it takes to turn equipment around (from an off-rent back to available for rent). Since implementing Wynne we have saved millions of dollars in our capital spend, significantly improved productivity and seen our service levels increase. There is not a single system in the market that comes close to what Wynne can do with respect to data reporting; the system is truly “best in class”. The cost of the system is an investment that has paid for itself many times over.”

What made you choose Wynne Systems to run your back office?

There were many reasons; however, there was couple that stood out and made the difference:

  1. Wynne’s commitment to invest and continue to develop their software is extremely important to us. Stephenson’s has been a leader in bringing innovative products, rental programs and solutions to the market and we wanted to partner with a company that had the same commitment.
  2. The other main reason was the extremely powerful and robust reporting tools. These reporting tools allow us to have absolute clarity on equipment availability, the lifecycle of our equipment, employee productivity together with customer activity and revenue, all in real time. This allows the organization to react quickly and with accurate verifiable data to changes both within and outside the organization. This level of reporting also provides us with the opportunity to find pressure points within the organization allowing the company to improve productivity, equipment availability and increase overall customer satisfaction.

To read his full interview and insights, click here.

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