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Top 5 Take Aways from a User Conference

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User Conferences are a great way to get in sync with your software provider. Devoting time to learn about the software you have, what is coming next and influence its future are key reasons to attend a conference. Read the top 5 reasons for attending a User Conference:

#5 Learn about what is new with the software.

New features and functionality get added to the systems all the time. Do you know what is new and how you can leverage them to better support your processes and business? In addition to enhancements to the core products, we have a number of add on modules that have grown tremendously this year.

#4 Understand what is coming next.

Make sure you know what is coming in the months and years to come, so you can position your company to take advantage of the latest and greatest.

#3 Learn to use the system to its fullest.

There is tons of functionality inherent to the system, are you taking advantage of them all? Take the opportunity to learn either in the class sessions or afterward what features you already might have but are not using to your fullest. Wynne product, customer care, sales, operations, and executives will all be on hand for one on one discussions and collaboration.

#2 Learn best practices from your peers in the industry.

The conference gives you plenty of time to network with your peers to get insights into how they are addressing challenges you might be facing. Good ideas come out of good conversations with like-minded professionals.

 #1 Help shape the future.

Wynne’s direction is shaped by what you, our customers, need from your software provider. We want to get your feedback and suggestions on what we need to do to better support and grow your business. We want to partner with you and your input is vital to that partnership.

In closing, what you learn in Vegas should not stay in Vegas. Your time in Vegas will be rewarded by equipping you to better support your business in the coming year.

Sign up today  for Wynne’s User Conference on October 2 – 5th.

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