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The Best Practices for Construction Asset Management (eBook)

Discover how your organization can manage its equipment more effectively.

Keep your assets organized with construction asset management ERP software

Construction companies often underestimate the costs associated with their equipment. Without specialized asset management software, companies are at risk of not depreciating, maintaining, or insuring their equipment properly, which can lead to a decrease in job site productivity and incur unnecessary risks to employees and margins. 

With the information provided in this eBook, readers will be able to understand their equipment costs at a job site level, improve their fleet planning processes, establish a catalog of what can be purchased, and accurately track their assets to ensure their true value is reflected.

In this eBook:

  • Improve understanding of equipment costs at job site level
  • Establish efficient fleet planning processes
  • Create a catalog of what can be purchased
  • Accurately tracks assets to ensure their true value is reflected
  • Reduce the potential for mistakes and training time
  • Automate re-rent process to reduce the elapsed time between requisition and vendor confirmation
  • Use telematics and GPS tracking to manage maintenance processes and reduce the risk of equipment breakdown or malfunction
  • Integrate with ERP to accurately calculate depreciation and asset value
mitigating risk
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